In today’s challenging environment our firm aims at all times to provide sound legal protection to our clients. Recognizing the fact that the attorneys are not simply litigators but flexible and creative problem solvers, we focus on adopting cost, time effective and innovative solutions to disputes. Muhtaranlar has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration and has been providing service in commercial and civil cases at all stages of litigation from District Courts to the Court of Appeal and in the process of arbitration before the Arbitration Institutions. Many of our representations include complex matters such as parallel domestic and international proceedings, multi-jurisdictional arbitration proceedings. Responding to these complex international problems demands the coordination of national and international strategies which our experienced law firm possesses.

International arbitration is treated as a component of our disputes practice. Muhtaranlar has successfully represented clients in national and international arbitration against very reputable international law firms.

Recognition and enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards in Turkey and abroad is also legal issue that is under our expertise.